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The Gold Rooms – Buenos Aires

Palermo Buenos Aires

Roommates – Rooms for Rent Buenos Aires – Considered one of the most preferred destinations for tourists from around the world, the City of Buenos Aires has 48 neighborhoods to explore. In each of them you can find bars,Read more

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Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences – Bernardino Rivadavia

Avenida Angel Gallardo 470

The origin of the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences dates back to 1812, at which time the First Triumvirate, by inspiration of Bernardino Rivadavia, invited the provinces to gather materials to “give in principle the establishment of a CapitalRead more

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4 Star Hotels

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Everyone wants to go on a nice, relaxing, and quiet vacation every once in a while, but not everyone has the kind of money that can buy a 5-star hotel stay for the weekend. In that once every fewRead more

Rome is a reality

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For Rome, more than for most cities, this always has been the central dilemma of city life:how to maintain its priceless heritage while improving the lot of its cheerfully inhabitants. Certainly the 2000 year Jubilee inspired efforts of recentRead more

Tourist attractions of Malta

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Malta is a fascinating island in the center of the Mediterranean, with many natural wonders that make this archipelago a prime destination for dream vacations. The ideal place to lose a few days in this earthly paradise and unwindRead more

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