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Berlin, capital of Germany on the rise, is a city in flux. Where Old and new mingle at a time, Berlin has been rebuilt several times and is currently on track to meet and reinvent itself.

Located in northeastern Germany, Berlin is regaining its position as a major European capital, which began in the mid-’20s and was cut by the historical events that had at its core the war, both political and geographic divisions.
Besides all his qualities, Berlin, is unique for the fact of being located in what was East Germany, has recovered from his failure after the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years of age, that determines the differences, even today day, for example, prices and wages, which are lower than in the western part of the country.

More than 400 trade fairs and congresses are held in the city, which is an international meeting point favored by its strategic position between the two economic powers in the world: the European Union and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Berlin is a metropolis, but do not overlook the importance of peace, nature care and quality of life, inviting feel good and relax in spacious parkland, lakes and trails where you can ride bikes so pleasant.

Some places to visit in Berlin recommended in our guide book:

The Berlin Wall: A must for all tourists in Mühlenstrasse can still see a stretch of about a mile of this relic of the past that divided the country in two. Much of the wall is decorated with modern artists and some of them are kept as the original.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum: in good condition, Checkpoint Charlie was one of the hotspots for foreigners in East Berlin underground exhaust and some people in the GDR. It is now a museum dedicated to the history of the wall and tried to cross it in different ways.

Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag: Monument is located close to the wall, the Brandenburg Gate is now a symbol of reunification. Meanwhile you can see the homes renovated Reichstag and the German parliament.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church located in the center of West Berlin: This is a great tower that survived Allied bombing during World War II attached to a building next to the parish.

Potsdam: Heritage, which is a few kilometers south of Berlin. A visit to Sanssouci Park, the neighborhood of the Dutch colony and Russian.

The city also has many interesting museums to expand this guide in Berlin.

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