Chelsea New York

Chelsea is a very unique and popular neighborhood of London, but there is also a charming neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City with the same name. To be more precise is the neighborhood of the most distinguished and famous skyscrapers of this iconic city, which never sleeps. So if you are planning a visit to the Big Apple, you can not miss the neighborhood where you will witness first hand one of the most famous, thanks to its interesting cultural program.

The large number of art galleries and exhibition halls, we find in this part of the city, making a privileged corner of Chelsea, which brings together a number of curious tourists, from amateur to professional art experts. If you can memorize some names you should not forget to visit: Rubin Museum, Chelsea Art Museum and the Graffiti Research Lab.

Another popular excursion is the Chelsea Piers is a former luxury cruise ship dock in New York, and now hosts a sports and entertainment, perfect for the lower house. If you dare to walk the streets of this part of the city discover why the district received the title of the Big Apple.

The shopaholics paradise also available thanks to the many shops that houses this charming part of the city of New York, and where you can see some seem carefree, daring and trendy. So get ready to wear a full suit niuyorkino style, pieces of clothing and some accessories in the style of Woody Allen’s films. Also, maybe with a little luck you can witness the filming of a major motion picture, because in a city like New York, everything is possible.


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