Tourist attractions of Malta

Malta is a fascinating island in the center of the Mediterranean, with many natural wonders that make this archipelago a prime destination for dream vacations. The ideal place to lose a few days in this earthly paradise and unwind from our hectic pace of daily life.

A privileged enclave, surrounded by the sea and a fantastic nature, where in addition also find spectacular landscapes and medieval towns and Baroque monuments that will transport you to distant historical periods and help immerse you in the authentic lifestyle of the inhabitants of this region. Prepare your camera as you can capture amazing photos as the oldest traces of prehistoric and Roman buildings, and the legacy that is still present in the Knights of the Order of Malta legendary.

The best way to discover the country is to visit some of the most picturesque villages in the region, and this is nothing better than traveling backpacker style. The capital of Malta, Valletta City is a corner that you can not miss, with a historic center that will delight lovers of culture and the history of our continent. If you approach the city will have the opportunity to discover a walled city which since 1980 is a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Another must is the Blue Lagoon which is located on the beautiful island of Comino, whose beauty is also in contradiction with the early legends because according to legend, Circe and Odysseus the intrepid, a popular character in the Iliad, which is the oldest poem in Western literature, visited the island. In the last spots to visit on a dream vacation, you have to acerarte to Victoria, the capital of Gozo is an island belonging to Malta. In this part of the country you can witness many churches and places of defenses in addition to the historical and artistic the Ggantija which is a megalithic site.

All this and more awaits you in the charming and wonderful Malta, where tourism is able to satisfy all travelers insurance exceed the high expectations that you will do thanks in most part, by its attractive nature and monuments enigmatic.



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