Pamplona: The historic town of bulls

This beautiful city in Spain, situated north of the country with a spectacular character of many ancient navarro and medieval traditions, is a beautiful city to visit year receives thousands of tourists fascinated by a large and wealthy heritage monuments, the main attraction are the festivals and traditions that stand between her Sanfermines.

This activity is the most interesting of Pamplona why large numbers of foreigners visiting this activity for many is “crazy” for the people of Pamplona is something descriptive of the character of the people, of strong and outgoing with a millenarian tradition .

This activity is to dress in white with a red scarf on the neck and star in a show simply intense to risk their lives in front of a bull. Pamplona is a modern, clean, busy and with a large number of gardens. Around the city you can see beautiful scenery, giving the visitor a number of elements and a culture of Spain much more authentic and less known to the world.

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